Call for Paper

We would like to invite Humboldt Fellows, Young Indonesian Talented Scientists and others to participate in HK-ICONS 2014 by submitting full research paper or review under the following topics:

  1. Technology for safe food and secure supplies
  2. Drug discovery and development based on biodiversity
  3. Chemical energy conversion and storage
  4. Application of microscopy and spectroscopy in nano-scale (Bio-imaging beyond diffraction limit)
  5. Climate and environmental protection


  1. Selected papers will be published in Procedia Chemistry (indexed by Scopus). Please click this following link for further detail
  2. Each paper shall consist of a minimum of 3 (three) pages and a maximum of 10 (ten) pages in A4 paper size.
  3. Publication fee is IDR 1.200.000,- per paper and will be charged to author(s)
  4. Please refer to Guides for Authors in Procedia Chemistry website by clicking this following link
  5. Deadline for full paper submission is September 25, 2014.
  6. Your paper will be published on-line in Procedia Chemistry in mid of 2015


  1. Posters will be displayed in the Conference venue for the entire duration of the Conference. Authors are required to post their posters in the designated area. Poster mounting material will be provided.
  2. Print your poster at a A0 paper (118.9 cm x 84.1 cm). Posters must not exceed these dimensions.
  3. The title, which must be identical to the one on the abstract form, should be printed in block capitals at least 30 mm high.
  4. Under the title, print in smaller fonts the names of the authors, institutions, cities and countries. Underline the name of author who will present the poster.
  5. All information presented in the poster should be read easily by viewers 2 meters away.
  6. The message should be clearly understandable without oral presentation. You should be prepared to present your poster according to the program.
  7. The use of more diagrams, color, and fewer words is recommended for clarity.
  8. References should be prepared according to the style described at full paper/manuscript formatting guide.
  9. The committee will select ten best posters to be presented in the conference as flash presentation (@ 5 minutes).