Travel Grant

Participants who are applying for sponsorship please send the completed documents (listed below) to

Humboldt Fellows:

  1. Filling out the attached template.
  2. Submitting a brief CV (maximum two pages) summarizing a list of publications.
  3. Submitting an abstract (maximum 500 words) on the presentation to be delivered at the conference.

Young Indonesian Talented Scientists Sponsorship:

  1. Having successfully finished doctoral study and actively conducted research in their respective fields as evidenced by the publication in an international and accredited national journal.
  2. Less than 50 years of age at the time of registration.
  3. Submitting a brief CV (maximum two pages) summarizing a list of their publication.
  4. Submitting an abstract (maximum 500 words) about what the presentation is about which will be presented at the conference.
  5. Motivation letter.

General Participants:
In case you are not eligible to fulfill the requirements of sponsorship for Humboldt Fellows or Young Indonesian Talented Scientist, you may join the conference as general participants (registration fee: 110 USD, exclusive accommodation and transportation). Please submit your Curriculum Vitae and Abstract of your presentation according to the given template.

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