1. The content of abstract is limited to 1 page length (approximately 150 to 250 words) onto A4 paper with the marginal setup of 2.5 cm for all sides (top, bottom, left and right). Single space and Times New Roman font must be used.
  2. The content of abstract should be provided with Title, Author(s), Institution(s) or Affiliation(s), the body of abstract and Keyword(s).
  3. Skip one line between (a) Title and Author, (b) Institution and the body of abstract, (c) the body of abstract and keywords.
  4. Please refer to the following fonts instructions:
    • Title : 14pt, bolded, centralized alignment, capitalized.
    • Author : 12pt, bolded, centralized alignment.
    • Institution : 11pt, regular, centralized alignment.
    • The body of abstract : 12pt, regular, justified alignment
    • Keywords : 10pt, regular, lefted alignment
  5. Underline name of author who will give the presentation.
  6. Each abstract must be signed by a corresponding author who is responsible for approval by all co-authors.
  7. The corresponding author is marked using asterisk.
  8. Names of the institution, city and country should be listed.
  9. Organize the body of the abstract as follows:
    • A statement of the background of the study
    • A statement of the methods used.
    • A summary of the results in sufficient details to support the conclusions.
    • Conclusions.
    • Do not use subtitles, e.g., Methods, Results, etc.
  10. Please provide 4 to 6 keywords which can be used for indexing purposes.
  11. Standard abbreviations are acceptable and may be used without definition. Non-standard abbreviations must be defined in parentheses the first time they appear in the body of the abstract.
  12. Use the equation editor or MathType for equations. Note: If you use Word 2007, do not create the equations with the default equation editor but use the Microsoft equation editor or MathType instead.


  1. The conference abstract submission form must be in digital format. Please type the abstract by using Microsoft Word 2007 then save it as Microsoft Office Word file (.doc file). The new *.docx file is not acceptable.
  2. Please indicate the field under which your abstract fall, e.g.: Humboldt Kolleg (chemistry, biology, etc.) and ICONS (1) the role of natural sciences in conserving natural resources, (2) the role of natural sciences in overcoming global warming, (3) the role of natural sciences in developing science and technology, and (4) the role of natural sciences in improving human welfare.
  3. Selection of oral presentation for ICONS will be based on originality, innovation and state of development of the research.
  4. Please complete and submit this Abstract Submission Form by June 6, 2011 at the latest.
  5. Submit it to humboldt-icons@machung.ac.id
  6. Early registrants will be prioritized by the committee, this is due to the limited number of conference participants.

Abstract announcement: The committee will announce the abstract that pass the selection on June 20, 2011.

Please click here to download the abstract submission form.