Mount ArjunoAs the second biggest city in East Java Province, Malang is noted for being one of the most fascinating towns in Indonesia. It is located 90 km away to the south from Surabaya, the capital city of the province. Located on a highland and surrounded by four mountains, Malang has fresh mountainous climate and peaceful environment so that it is a comfortable place for rest and relaxation. It is also famously acknowledged as one-stop tourism area providing various natural, cultural, historical, educational, as well as industrial tourisms. That is why people sometimes call Malang "the Switzerland of Indonesia".


Mount Bromo

Mount BromoLocated 53 km from Malang, Mount Bromo has become one of the main attractions of East Java, Indonesia, which provides typical and exotic scenery of volcanic mountains. Touched up by wonderful sight of sunrise, hiking to Mt. Bromo has become a magnet for foreigners and domestic tourists alike. Extended sand sea offers memorable challenge for every mountaineer of Mt. Bromo. Opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Mt. Bromo could be taken only in few hours trip. Sightseeing to Mt. Bromo will last for one day and one night (leave at midnight on the 1st day, return to Malang at noon on the 2nd day).


Agro Kusuma Tourism

Apple Plantation at Kusuma AgroAgro Kusuma Tourism is an agricultural tourism object providing an enjoyable sightseeing crossing fruit and flower plantations. Located about 30 minutes away from the center of Malang, it can offer you the exciting scenery of Agro Kusuma Tourism where you can pick up apples, strawberries or oranges directly from their trees and tasting them. Feel the fresh and healthy fruit from their trees.



Coban Rondo Waterfall

Coban Rondo WaterfallThe Coban Rondo waterfall is a beautiful waterfall and gives peaceful impression. This waterfall is located 25 km from the center of Malang. With the height of 60 m and pine trees surrounding it as well as the flowing of fresh mountain water, the waterfall provides you with the cool atmosphere in this tourism object. The other experience never forgotten is also the path to the waterfall,where on the right and left side you can see the alignment of cypress and pine trees and also the beautiful panorama of Batu town.




Agro Wonosari Tea Garden

Wonosari Tea GardenWonosari Tea Garden is one of the tourist attractions that offers a tranquil natural panoramic beauty far from the rush of town atmosphere. It is located on the slopes of Mount Arjuna, Malang regency, at an altitude between 950-1250 meters above sea level. That is why its mild climate conditions provide a comfortable place for relaxation. At this tourism site, the visitors can enjoy the natural charm of tea plantation, observe the activity of the traditional tea-pickers, as well as know how to draw cultivated tea shoots ready for consumption.


Animal Museum

Animal MuseumThe animal museum is located under the slopes of Mount Panderman, Oro-Oro Ombo Street, Batu Town, East Java. It was built following the design of ancient Roman architectural style. It is a very nice place not only for recreation but also for education.There is a diorama depicting the real life of animals and its original habitat in the ancient times and in the present.It provides a diorama of life under water (sea, rivers, marshes, and lakes), snowy landscape, the rocky landscape, the burning jungle scenery, and others. It also has some fossils of ancient gigantic animals.


Taman Safari Indonesia II

Taman Safari IndonesiaLocated at Jatiarjo village, Prigen district, Taman Safari Indonesia II lies at the slope of Mt. Arjuno 800 – 1,500 meters above sea level covering 340 ha of land area. It is a kind of natural reserve for various wild and endemic animals from all over the world. The visitors will be offered to take a travel through the wild living animals in open areas, so that they can observe the animals much closer in their habitat. In addition, there is a breeding center for Indonesian endemic animals, such as orang utans, Sumatran tigers, anoa, etc.